Ancillary Services

At Airlift USA, we value details, as we believe those are what distinguish a good service from a great one. Owing to this belief, we’ve incorporated certain ancillary services into our relocation offerings. These professional services further validate our claim to offer you complete peace of mind and reliability during your transition.

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The ancillary services we provide include:

Specialized packing

Understanding how valuable your belongings are to you, we at Airlift USA take great measures to guarantee the utmost protection for your belongings. Customized and reliable packing is one of the many approaches we utilize to safely move your goods.

From crating and pelleting to using heat-treated wood and customized cardboard boxes – we offer a range of packing options for your belongings.

The materials we use are also compliant with moving industry standards, further highlighting the quality of our packing service.

Whether it is household goods, high-value assets or commercial effects, we provide specialized packing services for all kinds of goods.

Our experienced packers are specially trained to only use the latest packing techniques to ensure the safety of your items.

We also provide "first necessity boxes" for you to pick items that you would need as soon as you reach your destination. By safely packing all your picked out items together and placing the box, at last, we quickly deliver it to your destination.

Consolidated shipping

At Airlift USA, we have designed all our services keeping our clients best interests in mind. Our consolidated shipping service is no exception.

By combining your shipments along with shipments of other customers in a container headed to the same destination, consolidated shipping presents a cost-effective and reliable shipping alternative to direct transportation.

The shipping costs here are calculated based on the space occupied by your shipments inside the container.

Thus by securely packing your shipments and loading them onto specially reserved containers, we provide you with a flexible shipping solution that meets your budget and your timelines.


At Airlift USA, we always exercise extra caution and care while handling your belongings. Only the best packing material and techniques are used to secure your goods and deliver them safely. Utilizing their expertise, our conscientious staff facilitates a seamless transition of all your commercial as well as personal assets across all destinations.

However, despite the best protection efforts, certain unforeseen circumstances may lead to damage and/or loss of your goods.

To make sure you don’t suffer from losses in such situations, we offer you a door-to-door All Risks Insurance policy.

Under this policy, shipments of all kinds, moving to and being stored at any place globally, are offered insurance coverage.

Whatever may be the nature of damage to your shipment - partial or total loss, our all risks policy covers everything. Even shipments damaged due to natural disasters or terrorism or war during transit are considered eligible for insurance protection.

By offering a simple insurance application procedure and consistent support from our moving managers, we provide you with an insurance service that ensures the best compensation in cases of damage and loss of your goods.

Handyman services:

Whether you need help to quickly settle into your new office or house, we provide special handyman services that can meet all your needs, anywhere in the world.

The following tasks form a part of our handyman service offerings:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing the house and/or office
  • Basic plumbing repairs, replacement and fixtures
  • Basic electrical work and repairs
  • Installation of electric appliances and equipment
  • Assembly of furniture and basic carpentry work
  • Mounting & fixing of frames and paintings
  • Childproofing
  • Safe disposal of used packing material