Airlift USA Storage Solutions

Whatever be your reason, we at Airlift USA provide flexible storage solutions that can ably meet all your requirements.

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You might need storage for various reasons

  • Reducing your shipment load
  • Keeping items, you don’t want to part with or aren’t allowed to carry overseas
  • Lack of space at your temporary housing
  • Your belongings arrive before you reach your destination

How do we do that?

Modern storage facilities, designed to combat fire, theft and pests form a part of our storage services. Using these, you can store anything from records, fine art and furniture to commercials goods, vehicles, equipment and more.

The storage spaces we offer are also temperature-controlled and guarded by 24x7 security detail and CCTV surveillance. By combining these features with innovative packing materials and technical expertise, we guarantee the utmost protection for your belongings.

A trusted framework of global storage partners lies at the core of our storage solutions. Utilizing their expertise and detailed practices for secure warehousing, we offer both short-term and long-term storage services across all continents.

Efficient and seamless storage experience is what we strive for at Airlift USA. That’s why we have designed our storage service to cater to all requirements from goods pickup to delivery.

Based on the size of your belongings, we also bring steel containers to carefully load everything and then carry them straight to the storage space. This helps avoid multiple-handling of goods, thus reducing the risk of damage during transport as well as storage.

In addition to secure labelling and packing, the storage facilities we utilize also maintain an automated inventory list for all the items. This ensures complete safety of your possessions while enabling easy access for retrieval.

However, in spite of the best preventive measures, certain unforeseen circumstances may lead to loss or damage to your possessions. To make sure you don’t suffer any such losses, we also provide insurance as part of our storage service.

Thus, by integrating all the relevant services under our storage offerings, we present a cost-effective and much simpler alternative to self-storage.

To sum up, our storage service includes:

  • Door-to-door storage
  • Storage solutions for both corporate and individual clients
  • Storage across all global destinations
  • Storage of all kinds of personal and commercial goods
  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Fully-secure, regularly inspected and well-equipped storage facilities
  • Professional packing, crating and labelling
  • Containerized storage
  • Computerized inventory management
  • Transit and storage insurance
  • Easy access and retrieval of your belongings