Pet Relocation

Pet relocation is not just about making travel arrangements and handling documentation. Utmost care and caution have to be employed to ensure these domesticated beings are safe and comfortable while in transit. At Airlift USA, we offer pet relocation services which successfully reflect that and a lot more.

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How do we make that happen?

Whatever be the breed or type of your domesticated family member, we have pet relocation options for everyone. Our trusted network of specialized pet movers enables us to do that. Owing to the expertise of these reliable movers, we deliver tailor-made pet relocation solutions, equipped to meet all your specific requirements.

A multitude of offerings forms a part of our pet relocation service. These include obtaining export and import permits, assisting with legal formalities, arranging transportation and health inspections, handling customs and securing delivery at destination.

We also make kennel reservations while arranging for the fastest travel option as part of our pet relocation process. This not only results in maximum comfort, but also makes the overall moving experience less traumatizing for your pet.

Some countries have strict controls and restrictions regarding the import of pets. Any failure to comply with such requirements may result in unnecessary delays and inconvenience for both you and your pet. That’s why, in addition to handling legal formalities, we offer specialized services such as procuring varied health documents, quarantine approvals etc. under pet relocation.

Lastly, we submit regular updates on your pet’s condition during transit. Using this, you can stay informed about your pet’s movement and thus feel at ease.

All in all, with a global framework of pet movers, extensive offerings and a dedication to serve, we offer a stress-free relocation experience for your pet.

To sum up, our pet relocation service includes:

  • Personalized door-to-door pet moving
  • Obtaining export and import permits and licenses
  • Arranging the necessary health examinations and tests
  • Obtaining quarantine approval from the destination country
  • Arranging for kennels meeting IATA standards
  • Making air cargo reservations on the best available route
  • Preparing export and transit paperwork
  • Regular updates on pet’s condition during transit
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to destination